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Huntsville Ear Nose Throat Physicians Near Me  Huntsville, AL

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What We Do

We specialize in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders in both pediatric and adult patients.

We provide treatment for:

We provide treatment and have experience with the following:

We have extensive experience in:

Chronic Nasal Obstruction
Nasal Injuries
Sinus Disease
Nasal Tumors
Ear Disease
Balance Disorders

Hearing Impairment
Sleep Apnea
Neck Masses
Parotid Masses
Evaluation of Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

Nasal Surgery
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Balloon Sinuplasty
Surgery of Parotid
Surgery of Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
Excision of Benign and Malignant Facial Skin Lesions

Ear Tubes
Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
Laryngeal Surgery
Ear Perfusion for Ménière's Disease
Nasal Surgery / Septoplasty / Turbinate Reduction
Uvulopharyngoplasty for Sleep Apnea

Our Videos

Huntsville Ear Nose Throat Physicians Near Me |  Huntsville, AL
Huntsville Ear Nose Throat Physicians Near Me | Huntsville, AL
Huntsville Ear Nose Throat Physicians Near Me | Huntsville, AL
Huntsville Ear Nose Throat Physicians Near Me | Huntsville, AL

About Huntsville Ear Nose & Throat Physicians, P.C.

We specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of adult and pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders, including sinus infections and headaches, sleep apnea, snoring, hearing and balance disorders, nasal congestion, throat and tonsil infections, hoarseness, thyroid tumors, neck masses, endoscopic sinus surgery, and other head and neck diseases. Our physicians are Board Certified Otolaryngologists, having completed several years of study including college, medical school, and rigorous specialty training.

Huntsville Ear Nose & Throat Physicians, P.C. is dedicated to providing care to infants, children, and adults across North Alabama and South Central Tennessee. Our highly trained and experienced Otolaryngology surgeons use proven and highly effective state-of-the-art techniques to comprehensively evaluate and treat a wide range of disorders involving the ear, nose, throat, sinuses, head, and neck. We work closely with your primary care physician and other specialists, and develop a treatment plan designed to ensure the highest quality and compassionate care that’s right for you.

Huntsville Ear Nose & Throat Physicians, P.C.

Huntsville Ear Nose Throat |  Dr Neeta Kohli-Dang | Huntsville, AL
Neeta Kohli-Dang
M.D., F.R.C.S. (C)
Huntsville Ear Nose Throat | Huntsville, AL
John R. LaFrentz
M.D., F.A.C.S.
Huntsville Ear Nose Throat | Huntsville, AL
Rajan Dang
M.D., F.A.C.S.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Gold Standard For Physicians!

Dr. Kohli-Dang’s dedication to providing excellent patient care is not only the reason she is my favorite doctor but also why she is the first name I recommended to family and friends with allergy, sinus, and hearing problems. She is my gold standard for physicians!

Beverly S-Smoke

Dr. Kohli-Dang Gave Us a Solution to the Problem

My son got a set of tubes from a different ENT. He was having a reaction to them but instead of doing anything about the problem they just gave him antibiotics. Dr. Kohli-Dang gave us a solution to the problem and now my son’s ears are better than ever and he’s only had one ear infection instead of one every other month.

Katie F.

Cured My Recurring Sinus Problems

Had sinuplasty surgery and have been very satisfied. Has cured my recurring sinus problems. Highly recommended.

James W.

I’m Much Better Now

I have been very pleased with Dr. Dang’s treatment of my sinus congestion and infection. I am much better than whan I first came to her.


Dr. Dang Takes Time to Listen

Dr. Dang and her entire staff are extremely professional. They take the time to listen in order to fully assess one’s problem; however, rushing to just diagnose a few symptoms. I’m greatly pleased and extremely satisfied with the services I have received.

Karan A.

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