Dr. Kohli-Dang Gave Us a Solution to the Problem

My son got a set of tubes from a different ENT. He was having a reaction to them but instead of doing anything about the problem they just gave him antibiotics. Dr. Kohli-Dang gave us a solution to the problem and now my son’s ears are better than ever and he’s only had one ear infection instead of one every other month.

Katie F. June 23, 2016

Cured My Recurring Sinus Problems

Had sinuplasty surgery and have been very satisfied. Has cured my recurring sinus problems. Highly recommended.

James W. June 23, 2016

I’m Much Better Now

I have been very pleased with Dr. Dang’s treatment of my sinus congestion and infection. I am much better than whan I first came to her.

W.C. June 23, 2016

Dr. Dang Takes Time to Listen

Dr. Dang and her entire staff are extremely professional. They take the time to listen in order to fully assess one’s problem; however, rushing to just diagnose a few symptoms. I’m greatly pleased and extremely satisfied with the services I have received.

Karan A. June 23, 2016

Cancer Free

I would recommend Dr. Dang to anyone and have several friends. She is also my husband Bill’s doctor who thinks she is great. She is professional, kind and a great surgeon. I am thankful for her every day. I am cancer free now.

Anonymous February 5, 2016

Attention to Detail

Dr. Dang’s attention to detail makes me confident that I am getting quality care.

W. W. February 5, 2016

Dr. Dang Has Helped Me More Than Any Other Doctor

Dr. Dang has helped me more than any other doctor with roaring and grinding sounds in my left ear. I was told by one doctor that nothing could be done but Dr. Dang has made tremendous progress with hearing in my left ear. I have recommended her to others including my brother and cousin.

Claudette T. February 5, 2016

Exceptional Physician

Dr. Dang is an exceptional physician. Not only does she handle my health issues with expertise of skill, she is gentle, kind & caring & very responsive to the needs of her patients. I have found her entire staff highly skilled & caring also. I trust Dr. Dang & her staff and am thankful to have been referred here.

Janet C. February 5, 2016

Very Thorough

I love the care that I receive with Dr. Dang. She is always very thorough. Her calm and caring nature makes you feel comfortable with discussing any and all of your healthcare concerns. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking and ear, nose, and throat doctor.

Alisha C. February 5, 2016

If I Had To Do It All Again I Would

I can’t express how much better I feel since my sinus surgery with Dr. Dang. I have felt better and had more energy. I have less colds and migraine headaches. If I had to do it all again I would.

Misha G. February 5, 2016

A Great Doctor

She has always been a great doctor. She would always walk into the room and play with my hair and ask why I’m here. Most doctors won’t be as friendly as she is.

Katherine F. February 5, 2016

Her Surgical Expertise Was Amazing!

I came to Dr. Dang when it was determined I had thyroid cancer and needed a full thyroidectomy. She was so caring and patient with all my concerns and questions and her surgical expertise was amazing! Others who have had this surgery have quite a scar & I can barely see my scar – She was very thorough in her medical care and explained everything so well and did a fantastic job – I haven’t had any complications and highly recommend Dr. Dang to others – Her staff has also been great to work with!

Joy M. February 5, 2016

They Made Me Feel Calm and Comfortable

Dr. Dang and her staff are very professional and friendly. I was very nervous during my 1st appointment and they made me feel very calm and comfortable. I would recommend this practice to family & friends.

Anonymous February 5, 2016

Balloon Sinuplasty with Dr. Dang

I have had 3 sinus surgeries in the past before I came to Dr. Dang. She did the balloon sinuplasty on me and continues to follow up several times a year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t have to have more surgeries under the care of Dr. Dang. She always has time to listen to my concerns and I would recommend her to anyone.

Candler M. February 5, 2016

Great During Surgery

Dr. Dang and her staff are extremely professional. I’ve appreciated their courtesy and ability to work with me and my rather fluid schedule. Dr. Dang was great during surgery, as now I have significantly fewer issues with ear and sinus infections. I would recommend her for anyone else having similar issues.

J. Steinhauser October 14, 2015

Very Professional Doctor

Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang is a very professional doctor, always considerate, understanding to me and her patients.

N. Bowar October 14, 2015

Very Good Service

I am very pleased with all the services I have received by Dr. N. Kohli-Dang and staff. Very good service.

E. Dickerson October 14, 2015

Provided Excellent Care

Has provided excellent care pre and post surgery. I would recommend Dr. Dang for any sinus issues you may have.

S. Goss October 14, 2015

Look Forward to Going to Dr. Kohl-Dang’s Office

Although none of us like having to go to the doctor, I always look forward to going to Dr. Kohli-Dang’s office. While Dr. Kohli-Dang and her staff are very professional they always are friendly and personable. I highly recommend Dr. Kohli-Dang to anyone.

J. Spradlin October 14, 2015

First Rate

The professional staff and Dr. Dang are first rate providing great service, caring attitudes and wonderful smiles. I highly recommend Dr. Dang and office staff.

P.S. October 14, 2015

Takes Time to Answer Questions

I have been a patient of Dr. Dang for many years and have always been very pleased with the treatment received. Dr. Dang always takes the time to explain the treatment and answers any and all questions I have.

L.B. October 14, 2015

Took Me Right In to Care For My Awful Pain

I am very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Neeta Dang. She is very caring about her patients. Just last week I came in to the office with what I thought was a bad ear ache and it was not even time for my appointment. She took me right in to care for my awful pain. I am very thankful for that. Excellent doctor.

L. Dean October 14, 2015

Cured a Persistent Infection

Dr. Dang successfully treated and cured a persistent infection in my sphenoid sinuses. I felt cared for in a most professional manner.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

She Saved My Hearing

Dr. Kohli-Dang saved my hearing not only by being available, but also by acting swiftly and correctly to provide proper care. I am eternally grateful. Continued care has maintained my hearing and quality of life.

L. Glover October 14, 2015

Such a Wonderful Person

I think this office and staff are wonderful. Dr. Dang is such a wonderful person. I have been coming here for a long time. Everyone is always so nice.

B. McLeroy October 14, 2015

Extremely Impressed

I am extremely impressed with Dr. Dang and her staff. I came to Dr. Dang with long term issues with my sinuses and she was able to quickly identify what needed to be done to remedy my situation. The surgery went smoothly and has offered great relief to my symptoms. I’ve also been very impressed with the professionalism and kindness of the staff. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Dang to my friends!

L. Chastain October 14, 2015


I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received from Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang. The entire office experience with all personnel has been exceptional.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

Excellent Staff

Excellent staff. Dr. Dang is the best.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

Make Patients Feel Like Family

Dr. Dang and her staff are so professional and caring. They truly take great care of their patients. They listen to their patients and see to the individual’s needs. They are always friendly and welcoming. They make their patients feels like family.

J. Riddle October 14, 2015

My Dizziness Has Gone Away

Living in Huntsville, Alabama I suffer from allergies and sinus infections. It became so bad that I became dizzy from inner ear and uncontrolled infection. Dr. Dang has been a God send! In one hospital visit, she changed my life and my dizziness has gone away and I have had only a few sinus problems. Dr. Dang is a kind and gentle doctor that goes an extra mile in caring for others.

L. Taylor October 14, 2015

Manages to Pinpoint My Illness with Correct Diagnosis

I have been very pleased with the service and care received from Dr. Dang and her entire staff. I am always greeted with a smile when I enter the office. The nursing staff, audiologist, physicians assistants are very attentive and knowledgeable and eager to help document my medical concerns for Dr. Dang. Dr. Dang is very patient, personable, and always manages to pinpoint my illness with the correct diagnosis and care. I would recommend anyone I know to Dr. Dang and her staff. I am very grateful for the recommendation I received from nystagmus aunt and uncle after moving here from Georgia.

F.M.M. October 14, 2015

Top of My List

This is one of the most professional places I have gone to. Neeta Kohli-Dang and her staff is at the top of my list. They are always helpful and friendly.

M. Pierce October 14, 2015

Well Run Office

Huntsville Ear, Nose and Throat is an efficient and well run office.

J. Ayers October 14, 2015

Knows How to Take Care of Her Patients

Dr. Dang has always been quick and patient with my son. Surgery has been fast and heals easily. She’s a great doctor and knows how to take care of her patients.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

The Best!

Dr. Neeta Dang is the best! Her staff is very friendly and knows their stuff!

E. Allen October 14, 2015

I Can Breathe!

I can breathe! I can blow my nose! Dr. Dang has such a wonderful bedside manner. She truly cares about the patient and does not treat you like another number. I needed surgery to remove polyps from my nose. Dr. Dang thoroughly explained the procedure and what I should expect. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Dang to anyone needing an ENT doctor.

I. Reed October 14, 2015

Very Thankful

I am very thankful for my sinus surgery. I appreciate the expertise and care from Dr. Dang. She has provided an increased value of life that is priceless. I feel lucky to have been referred to Dr. Dang.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

Friendly and Knowledgeable

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very professional. I would refer others to this office.

G. LaVenture October 14, 2015

Positive Experience

Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang is very professional and the office staff is friendly and helpful. Had a positive experience with her office.

Anonymous October 14, 2015

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the doctor and staff. They are all friendly and seem to be very efficient in their positions.

C. Hopper October 14, 2015

Good Team

Dr. Dang and staff is a good team of people to be a patient for. When I have questions, they answer them to the best of their knowledge.

R.B. October 14, 2015

Best All-Around Doctor I Have

Dr. Kohli-Dang is one of the smartest, best all-around doctors I have. I currently have nine! She is courteous, kinds and to the point – all things I appreciate. Also, she seems determined to get me well! The staff can make or break a doctor – thank goodness this staff is actually extremely efficient as well as nice people. What more do I need to say?!

L. Stewart October 14, 2015

Dr. Dang and Staff Are Very Efficient

Dr. Dang and staff are very efficient in their work. All questions that I ask them are answered very helpfully and pleasant. Everyone here is very nice and friendly. The waiting room, rest room, doctor’s offices are very clean. I am happy to be Dr. Dang’s patient.

M. Mohling October 14, 2015

Very Qualified and Caring

I do recommend Dr. Dang for a doctor to you. She is very qualified at what she does. Very honest and concerned about her patients. I have been coming to her for very many years now and I trust her fully with my care with whatever she needs to do to take care of my sickness. She is a very caring doctor.

M. Hazelwood October 14, 2015

Kind and Caring

Dr. Dang and her staff have taken great care of me over the years. Her bedside manner has always been kind and caring. Dr. Dang greets her patients in a way that states she cares that you have chosen to come here. Dr. Dang provides knowledge in her field of ENT.

R.W. October 14, 2015

Very Professional

Dr. Dang has always been very professional with my care. I started having ear and throat problems as an older adult. My care has been excellent and she and her staff have been so caring in my treatments and surgeries.

S.M. October 14, 2015


From my first visit to this one, I have been impressed from the front office to the time I walked out of the door to my car. Quiet, relaxed, personable, caring professionals in attendance every step of the way. Dr. Dang tops it off with listening, processing, and responding with clarity and answers even when, as in my case, there are few solid conclusions. Her concern is appreciated.

G. Swaim October 14, 2015

Exceeded My Expectations

I was having trouble breathing and I don’t like the CPAP. My general practitioner recommended Dr. Dang. She determined that I had a deviated septum and needed to have a turbinate reduction. She was competent, professional, and knowledgeable. She had a great sense of humor and put me at ease. Getting scheduled for surgery was easy. Surgery itself went fine. The results were better than I would have imagined. It exceeded my expectations. There was no hassle or unexpected expenses and it was paid for by my insurance. My son had surgery with her later on.

J.K. October 14, 2015

The First Doctor to Take My Sinus Issue Seriously

She is wonderful. She is the first doctor to take my sinus issue seriously. I was always sick and could never get well. She actually did cultures and was very concerned about that. She has done surgery for me. The level of care, I think, is excellent. She follows through. She will actually take your culture and call you the next day and prescribe medicine accordingly instead of just trying some broad-spectrum antibiotics. She is very dedicated.

D.B. October 14, 2015


My treatment was outstanding.

S.G. October 14, 2015

Good Diagnosis and Treatment

I have been extremely happy with the treatment. Dr. Dang did my sinus surgery, and there was immediate relief. Will recommend to many. Very professional and qualified care. Good diagnosis and treatment.

R.M. October 14, 2015

The Epitome of Compassionate Concerned Patient Care

Dr. Dang and her staff are the epitome of compassionate concerned patient care. I will always be extremely blessed to have her and her staff for all or any ENT health concerns. Dr. Dang is so gentle and very patient. I am so grateful that she treated my ear infections (both) and sinus cavities. It was very nice to know that the staff in my PC office have a lot of respect for her, Kari, Miranda, and Melissa.

Brenda C. October 14, 2015

Good at What She Does

Dr. Dang is very nice, patient, and listens to my problems. She has been very helpful. I have enjoyed her being my ENT and would advise anyone that has a lot of sinus problems, that she is very equipped to take care of most in office. She is good at what she does.

M.P. October 14, 2015

Excellent Surgeon

I found Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang to be very professional, caring, calming and reassuring. She is an excellent surgeon and my scar looks so much better than others I’ve seen done by other doctors. She has helped my health by being persistent and finding out what the problems were.

Barbara M. October 14, 2015

Service Has Been Great

The service of my grandson has been great. The staff work well with me to get here or changing my appointments. You and your staff are doing a great job.

Patricia W. October 14, 2015

Her Goal is to Help

I’ve been coming to Dr. Dang for several years. I came for my ear and she has helped me with it. She is always very nice and her staff. Dr. Dang has also been a doctor to some of my kids. All of us are well pleased with her work. She is a great doctor and we appreciate her. Her goal is to help!!

Linda M. October 14, 2015

Staff Was Nice and Caring

Very professional. During my surgery in office, staff was very nice and caring. Dr. Dang has a wonderful bedside manner and sense of humor. Would recommend. Staff is also very nice.

Matthew N. October 14, 2015

Dr. Dang Identified Conditions Missed by My Former Doctors

I have received outstanding care. Dr. Dang identified conditions missed by “former” doctors and referred me to an immunologist. This resulted in a significant improvement in my overall health and quality of life. Thank you Dr. Dang!

Anonymous October 8, 2015

I Genuinely Trust Her With My Health

Dr. Dang is a consummate professional and compassionate physician. She generally tries to help fix whatever issue you are having and see you as soon as possible. She is one of the few doctors I genuinely trust with my health.

Heather H. October 8, 2015

Most Cordial

Dr. Dang’s office is one the most cordial I’ve been in. She is super.

J.A. October 8, 2015

Cured Many Different and Challenging Medical Issues for Me

I have been a patient of Dr. Kohli-Dang since 2009. She is the ultimate professional! Her depth and breadth of medical knowledge is amazing and her interpersonal skills are second to none! She has cured many different and challenging medical issues for me, helping me to be a healthy 71-year old, retired professional. I am extremely fortunate that she is my doctor.

Patricia B. October 8, 2015

I Feel 100% Better

I have had a sinus infection and been on Afrin nose spray for most of last year. I would go to a “walk in” clinic or my family doctor (when he was open). They would just give me steroids and antibiotics – never have me back for check-ups. I finally went to Dr. Dang because it would always come back when I would finish the medicine! When she saw me, she could tell right away how sick I really was. She did sinus surgery in February. She said it was so bad “that wouldn’t fix it all right away.” So we have been “working together” to beat this! I feel 100% better than I did and would do the surgery again tomorrow if she had to!

Mildred M. October 8, 2015

Demeanor is Super, Super, Super

First, her office is clean and pleasant. Her staff is friendly and services are great. Dr. Dang is very knowledgeable of the procedure I had the honor to have and her demeanor is super, super, super. Great doctor. Would recommend her to family and friends without second thought.

Loretta B. October 8, 2015

My First and Only ENT

Dr. Dang is my first and only ENT and there are several good reasons why. To name a few, she is kind so she doesn’t treat you like a case number. She is very informed in her field, which makes me comfortable that I am in good hands. Dr. Dang is a thoughtful doctor and listens to my concerns. I would recommend, and have recommended, Dr. Dang to my friends and family.

R.N. October 8, 2015

Proficient Physician

I have been using her for several years and have found her to be very proficient in her profession as a physician. I would recommend her to anyone needing care in her areas of expertise, i.e., ears, nose, throat.

Emmett M. October 8, 2015

Utmost Respect for Dr. Dang

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Dang. She has treated my sinuses now for about 8 years with 2 surgeries, both successful. I will continue coming to her for checkups. She is a great doctor.

Sam B. October 8, 2015

Very Patient with Children

I love her. She is very patient with children.

Samantha H. October 8, 2015

Stays Current on the Latest Treatments

Dr. Dang has been my ENT since 2002. She has a great bedside manner, is patient, kind and compassionate. She stays current on the latest treatments and procedures for chronic sinus problems. I would never consider using another ENT, and have referred several of my friends to her.

Dana H. October 8, 2015

Always Listens to My Concerns

Dr. Dang and her entire staff always listen to my concerns and strive to give good professional care. It’s usually easy to get an appointment with a week’s notice, so I never have to schedule far in advance. The office is in a good location, and the waiting room is clean and quiet.

Gary L. October 8, 2015

Really Enjoys Her Job

Extremely helpful, listens to her patients and has fun with them. Really enjoys her job.

Gala R. October 8, 2015

A Life Changer!

You are a life changer! Last year, 2012, I wouldn’t be able to say I was looking forward to spring! Now I am able to smell the roses…without sneezing too much. Gracie has come a long way since we first came here! You have done wonders!!

Gracie S. and Deborah D. October 8, 2015

Impressed With Bedside Manner

My one year old daughter had tubes placed in her ears in late 2012. I was highly impressed with Dr. Dang’s bedside manner and with the care and attention she gave to my daughter.

L.C. October 8, 2015

Decreased My Need for Medication

I have found Dr. Kohli-Dang and her staff to have mastered that difficult task of being extremely professional while being wonderfully friendly and communicative. Dr. Dang was quick to diagnose my particular problem and provided treatment which has given me great relief and greatly decreased my need for medication.

Walter S. October 8, 2015

Completely Satisfied

I have been a patient of Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang for 6 1/2 years. During this time she has treated me for ears, thyroid and sinus. In Nov. 2012, I underwent sinus surgery and ear tube placement. As of this date, May 6, 2013 I have been completely satisfied with Dr. Dang’s professionalism and her sincere caring about my healthcare. I would highly recommend her as not only an excellent doctor, but a compassionate one as well. My satisfaction extends to Dr. Dang’s staff and nurses as well.

Cathie W. October 8, 2015

Great Job Removing My Tonsils

Dr. Kohli-Dang removed my tonsils at Crestwood Hospital. At the time I was in my late 50’s, which is not a good time to have this procedure. I must say that she did a great job. The procedure went well, no complications, and recovery time went well also. She has also done a procedure on my sinuses. I would refer all my family and friends to her.

Rose D. October 8, 2015

Best Doctor I Have

I have been seeing Dr. Dang for over 15 years. She is a wonderful doctor. She has helped me with terrible ear problems, which now are nothing too minor. She is very caring and humble. I always enjoy my visits with her. She is the best doctor I have ever had and I would highly recommend her to anyone and know they would be very pleased.

Janice R. October 8, 2015

Very Good Doctor

I feel like Dr. Neeta Dang is a very good doctor and I like the way she has taken care of me.

Michael H. October 8, 2015

I Recommend Her 100%

Dr. Dang is an exceptional physician. Her and her staff always provided the most advanced care and are exceedingly knowledgeable. Out of all of the doctors I use, I feel most confident in Dr. Dang and her staff – I recommend her 100%.

K.S. October 8, 2015

I Can Finally Breathe All Year Round

Neeta has been great to work with and performed an exceptional procedure on my nasal issues. I can finally breathe all year round with little to no complications. I also sleep better and no headaches. Thanks Dr. K-Dang!

Michael B. October 8, 2015

Very Compassionate Doctor

Dr. Dang has been a very compassionate knowledgeable doctor. She has been extremely helpful each time I have been seen by her, and this is an invaluable characteristic to me.

Janice C. October 8, 2015

Persistent and Hasn’t Given Up on Me

Dr. Dang has been persistent and hasn’t given up on me. I think Dr. Dang is very kind and passionate. She is just wonderful and I feel that I haven’t given her enough credit for all that she has done to help me. Dr. Dang was called in when the MRI was done on my brain and there showed up my sinus problem. I was having a problem breathing at night and head hurting. She did a CT scan and then she did an endoscopy and discovered I had a fungal infection. She cleaned out the sinuses in her office. I felt relief and has not given up on me.

Marilyn H. October 8, 2015

Thank You for Years of Care

Dr. Dang has been our family ENT for the past 13 years. Our relationship began the summer of 2000 when my oldest son had gotten swimmer’s ear. After that, he had to have a polyp removed from one of his ears. Dr. Dang has also performed sinus surgery for myself, husband, and two reconstructive surgeries for my son Jake due to baseball injuries. Dr. Dang’s professionalism and gracious care impressed me from the very start. We continue to use Dr. Dang for all our ENT needs. Dr. Dang is always available along with her wonderful and caring staff. Thank you for all your years of care.

Terrisa T. October 8, 2015

High Respect

I have the highest respect for Dr. Dang for the service that she has given for the past many years in treating my ear problems. I would and do recommend her to those that have problems in her areas of expertise. She presents a professional conduct while being friendly and considerate.

Emmett M. October 8, 2015

Gold Standard For Physicians!

Dr. Kohli-Dang’s dedication to providing excellent patient care is not only the reason she is my favorite doctor but also why she is the first name I recommended to family and friends with allergy, sinus, and hearing problems. She is my gold standard for physicians!

Beverly S-Smoke October 8, 2015

Pleasant and Professional

I have been a patient of Dr. Dang’s for three years. Both she and her staff are pleasant and professional. They promptly return phone messages the same day and are accommodating in scheduling appointments quickly.

Anonymous October 8, 2015

Stopped My Misery

Dr. Dang stepped in to stop my misery while at Crestwood Emergency Room. She took complete control of a situation that lacked any and took me to surgery. She was comforting and informative. Follow-ups have been professional and timely.

J.D. October 8, 2015

Pleased with Dr. Dang

I was pleased with Dr. Dang and her staff when I brought my daughter in for tubes. After her surgery she was very thorough with explaining the outcome. Follow-up visits were pleasant and explained well. I would recommend her office to anyone.

Melissa G. October 8, 2015

Prompt Treatment

I have been a patient of Dr. Dang for over 10 years. I have hearing loss in both ears and have multiple ear infections annually. I have always been able to receive prompt treatment after onset of symptoms. A few years ago I had tubes placed in both ears. They have been replaced once. The tubes help in preventing pain from my ear infections. I am well pleased with her practice.

G.H. October 8, 2015

Always Make Me Feel Better

Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang and staff have always helped to make me feel better.

Carol J. October 8, 2015

Friendly and Helpful

We really like it here. They are very friendly and helpful.

Elizabeth H. October 8, 2015

Always a Pleasant Experience

Dr. Dang has always cared for my needs in a very professional manner. Her staff and office personnel are kind and always helpful. My visits to Dr. Dang have always been a pleasant experience.

J.P. October 8, 2015

Professional, Prompt, and Courteous

Dr. Dang and staff are very professional, prompt, and courteous, and I have been pleased with the results of the service. Dr. Dang has performed throat surgery and sinus surgery on me, and both were a success and the post surgery was much less painful than what I had been told by other people who had similar procedures.

C.R. October 8, 2015

Great Group of People

Dr. Dang and her staff are a great group of people. They have always been nice and polite to my family. If we have to call and leave a message for the staff they answer in a timely manner. The whole staff has always treated us very respectful and they make us feel very comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Dang to anyone. Dr. Dang is a very sweet, caring doctor who goes above and beyond to be the best doctor for her patients.

Dustin S. and Mindy G. October 8, 2015

Dr. Dang is #1 to Me

Has helped so much. I used to have pressure all in my head most of the time. Dr. Dang is #1 to me. I have a co-worker who needed an ENT. I told her about Dr. Dang. She came last Friday. She too really likes her. I tell everyone if they need an ENT go to Huntsville to Dr. Dang.

Tamela M. October 8, 2015

Staff Always Goes a Little Extra to Take Care of You

I have been a patient here for 5-7 years. Have always been treated with professionalism and care. Staff seems to always go a little extra to take care of your needs. Dr. Dang in particular is an awesome individual. She explains in detail what she does and is very thorough with her exams and procedures.

C. Richard October 8, 2015

My Ears Are the Best They’ve Been in Years

Dr. Dang is the most precious and understanding doctor that I have ever had. At first I was reluctant that she could figure out my bell curve, but she did. My ears are the best they have been in years. Dr. Dang’s nurse, Melissa is sweet and has helped a lot also. I have recommended Dr. Dang to several people. I don’t know if they took my suggestions or not, but they’d be silly if they didn’t. Thank you so much Dr. Dang for your kindness.

Sharon P. October 8, 2015

Really Listens

Dr. Dang is always friendly and kind when she enters the room. She makes sure you are comfortable and really listens to any problems identified during the appointment.

B.A. October 8, 2015

Takes Time with Her Patients

I really like Dr. Dang. She takes time with her patients. She listens to what we have to say. Dr. Dang is very caring and understanding. She explains things to patients and family. Dr. Dang’s staff is very friendly, always greeting you with a smile. I would recommend Dr. Dang to anybody.

Keyona H. October 8, 2015

She is Genuinely Concerned

My experience with Dr. Dang and her office staff has been very professional and personalized. They are very efficient, on time and helpful. Dr. Dang herself called to check on me while hospitalized for a different ailment not related to the procedure she performed. She is genuinely concerned and cares for her patients. Rates 5 stars in my book!

Dennis K. October 8, 2015

Effective Treatment of My Meniere’s Disease

I came to Dr. Neeta after a bad experience at another ENT. She has been wonderful. She immediately addressed my Meniere’s disease with concern, effective treatment and followup. Equally, her staff is attentive, caring, and efficient in patient handling. Surprisingly, I received a call from Dr. Neeta’s nurse to check my status prior to an upcoming appointment. I would recommend them to anyone in need of ENT services.

Shirley S. October 8, 2015

Skilled Surgeon

Dr. Neeta Dang has been a concerned physician and managed my ENT health problems better than any doctor I have seen. She is a skilled surgeon and excellent care given! Her staff is professional, kind, and concerned. I have personally recommended her to two friends. They are both very pleased with their care!

S.D. October 8, 2015

Clear When Explaining Details

Dr. Dang and her staff are wonderful. They took great care of my son when he got his tubes in his ears. She was very clear when explaining details so that my family and I wouldn’t be scared! This staff is awesome!!!

Raqueal D. October 8, 2015

Pleased With Service and Care

I am very pleased with the service and care provided by Dr. Dang. She uses the appropriate level of treatment to cure any issues/sicknesses that me or my kids may have. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to her as possible new patients.

Angela H. October 8, 2015

Feeling Better Since My First Visit

Dr. Dang and her staff do an amazing job taking care of their patients. I have been feeling much better since my 1st visit with her.

M.R. October 8, 2015

No More Painful Headaches

The procedure helped greatly with my sinus congestion, pressure, and headaches. I no longer wake up every morning with painful headaches. I am very pleased with the results.

T.G. October 8, 2015

Life Changing

In 2003, I came to Dr. Dang after suffering with chronic sinusitis for most of my adult life. Through two surgical procedures she corrected problems that literally were life changing and virtually eliminating the problems that had plagued me. The office visits are generally very timely and I feel that the services provided are state of the art, well researched and appropriate. I recommend Dr. Dang to my friends and colleagues very often.

Alan R. October 8, 2015

Lovely Staff

Great office. Love the atmosphere. Lovely staff and Dr. Dang.

Demetra D. October 8, 2015

Cheery Spirit

Dr. Dang has been wonderful in helping me resolve a persistent, long term sinus problem. Her professionalism and cheery spirit are strong assets and her laid back demeanor always make me feel valued as a patient.

A.M. October 8, 2015

Listens to Her Patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Dang for many years – She has always been very kind, patient and professional – She is a doctor who “listens” to her patients and works with and for the patient to be able to live a “better” life. My husband is also a patient with Dr. Dang – We both recommend Dr. Dang to friends and anyone we encounter who needs to see an ENT.

Michelle S. October 8, 2015

Compassionate and Caring

Dr. Dang has such a compassionate and caring heart. She listens to your concerns and gives you answers back in “easy to understand” language. Her office staff are friendly and professional. I’d recommend her highly.

W.B. October 8, 2015

Best ENT Ever

Dr. Dang is the best ENT ever. I had tried others but she’s the only one who really could figure out what my problems were. She has done sinus surgery on me twice. When I healed, I could actually breathe and taste food again. She also removed my tonsils, adenoids and put tubes in my ears. She took very, very good care of me while I was hospitalized. I looked forward to seeing her friendly face every day while I was in the hospital.

Sandra M. October 8, 2015

Exceeded My Expectations

Dr. Kohli-Dang came highly recommended by some family members whom have been patients for a while. I’m thrilled to say that she has exceeded expectations in delivering specialized health care. She is most intelligent, patient, caring, and most importantly, she knows what she’s doing! I love her friendly and understanding bedside manner. That makes a world of difference when it comes to the know-like-trust factor. When it comes to healthcare that factor must be high because you are trusting someone with your life. Afterward of course, I trust Dr. Kohli-Dang.

Anita K. October 8, 2015

Patient is Top Priority

Dr. Dang and the staff of Huntsville ENT put the patient and their needs as their top priority. Dr. Dang has provided me with the care and attention to remedy multiple issues. I would and have recommended Dr. Dang and Huntsville ENT to family and friends.

S.M. October 8, 2015

I Feel Great!

Dr. Dang and staff are very nice, friendly, and kind. Dr. Dang did my surgery on my thyroid and did a very super job! She listens very well when you are talking with her. A very concerned Dr. You will love her and the staff. Thank you for helping me. I feel GREAT!

Jackie M. October 8, 2015

Dr. Dang is Very Patient

I find the staff friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Dr. Dang has been very patient with me and a very difficult ear infection. Hopefully we almost have the problem licked.

H.E. October 8, 2015

Extremely Professional

Dr. Dang is an awesome doctor. She is very personable and extremely professional. I have enjoyed coming to her as a patient and I intend to continue.

Rita J. October 8, 2015

The Best Bedside Manner

This is a great office and has provided wonderful care for me and my grandson. Dr. Dang has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen. She is always very kind. Her nurse, Melissa is also very sweet and wonderful. They make you feel as if they care about you personally. You’re not just another number walking through the door.

Rebecca L. October 8, 2015

Total Confidence in her Capabilities

I appreciate Dr. Dang’s compassion, understanding and her ability as a physician. I have total confidence in her capabilities and as a result, have been her patient since 2007.

Margaret G. October 8, 2015

Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else

My whole family sees Dr. Kohli-Dang. I would not trust anyone else with my two boys. She is very knowledgeable and caring. She takes the time to evaluate you and your symptoms and listens to you. My children like coming here and trust Dr. Kohli-Dang. I would not go to anyone else for any of our ENT problems.

Lillie C. October 8, 2015

Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Dr. Dang is the first doctor to take my problems with sinus infections seriously. She actually takes cultures to make sure the right antibiotic is used. Sinus surgery helped me tremendously as I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in sinus infections over the last year. Dr. Dang – Where have you been all of my life?!

Lisa B. October 8, 2015

Highly Respected

Dr. Dang has been my ENT for 12 years. She has performed 4 surgeries and numerous ear and sinus procedures. I am very satisfied with her evaluations, procedures, surgery and follow ups. She is highly respected by me.

Byron P. October 8, 2015

Wonderful People

Mrs. Dang was wonderful with my son. Her staff are wonderful people and very considerate. My son has been treated very well each and every time he has been seen by Dr. Dang.

B.D. October 8, 2015

We Love Her

We love her, she is very good with my disabled child/children.

Brandy T. October 8, 2015

Thorough in Treatments

Dr. Dang has been my ENT for the past couple of years. She is kind, considerate, and thorough in treatments. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.

M.B. October 8, 2015

Great Job with My Surgeries

Dr. Dang is great. She did a great job with my surgeries. Any time I’ve had a problem, my mom could call the office and I was seen that day or the next morning. Dr. Dang is very caring about the people she sees.

Austin T. October 8, 2015

Breathing Better

With the surgery recommended to me by Dr. Dang, I am breathing better than I have in years.

I. Miran October 7, 2015

Takes Time with Patients

Mrs. Dang is very sweet and also works really hard to take the time with me and her patients. Thanks a lot.

Sherry G. October 7, 2015

Great Hospitality

Dr. Dang is very experienced and knowledgeable. Dr. Dang’s staff shows great hospitality.

Pseudonym October 7, 2015

Dr. Dang Found the Right Meds Without Surgery

Dr. N. Dang has put me on a treatment that keeps my sinus disease and allergies under control. When all other ENT doctors wanted to treat me with surgery only. Dr. Dang found the right meds without surgery. The staff is always friendly.

Pseudonym October 7, 2015

Caring, Sensitivity, and Knowledge

It is a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Dang because of her professional manner, her caring sensitivity and her knowledge of all issues related to ENT. My husband and I have both had surgery for various problems and would recommend Dr. Dang to anyone.

J.W. October 7, 2015

First Class Service

Dr. Kohli-Dang is an excellent doctor. I had a terrible fungal ear infection a few years ago and she was able to get rid of it quickly and without putting me through additional pain or discomfort. The office personnel are courteous and friendly, the doctors knowledgeable, and the service is first class. Anyone who can get an appointment with her will be very happy they did. The only ENT I trust!

Wesley L. October 7, 2015

Great with Children

We love Dr. Dang. She is so great to my child, Jacob, and she is super nice to me and my husband.

Sam H. October 7, 2015

Been a Patient for 15 Years

I have been a patient for 12 or 15 years and I have always been treated good with Dr. Dang and her staff.

Harold J. October 7, 2015

She Got to the Root of the Problem

Dr. Dang has been great even with a difficult patient like me. She kept on till she got to the root of my problem. Her explanations were very easy to understand, answered any question that I had. Her nursing staff is great. Dr. Dang and her nursing staff are very caring.

C.G. October 7, 2015


All of staff – Excellent. Dr. Dang, wonderful Dr. to come to! The best to me.

James H. October 7, 2015

I Have the Best ENT Ever!

I have always been highly pleased with the care and service I have received from Dr. Kohli-Dang. I tell everyone I have the best ENT “EVER” and refer anyone with problems here.

Susan H. October 7, 2015

Not Much Wait

Dr. Dang is a wonderful person. She listens to me and she explains all possible options for the treatment. The facility and staff are great. I get in and get out without much wait.

V.V. October 7, 2015

If I Could, I Would Adopt Her!

I recommend Dr. Kohli-Dang to everyone I know for any ear, nose, and throat problems. I have had several sinus surgeries done by her. Her care and after care have been tremendous. If I could I would adopt her.

Janet C. October 7, 2015

She is the Best Doctor

Dr. Dang is a good doctor. She took care of me when I was sick and took my tonsils out. She also did surgery on my older brother and sister. Now I’m having problems with my ears. I know she is the best doctor. I love you Dr. Dang!

Sara P. October 7, 2015

Courtesy and Professionalism

Every visit to the office is a display of courtesy and competent professionalism on the part of Dr. Kohli-Dang and her entire staff. I feel that I am well cared for and would not hesitate to refer anyone I know for care.

Gary L. October 7, 2015

Meniere’s Disease Symptoms Under Control

I am very impressed with this office and with Dr. Dang and the nursing staff. Everyone has always been helpful and concerned. Dr. Dang treated me for Meniere’s and got the symptoms under control. I would highly recommend this office.

D.S. October 7, 2015

High Level of Care

Dr. Kohli-Dang has been very professional throughout her treatment of my son. The staff is very friendly and competent. Dr. Kohli-Dang has shown vast knowledge and a high level of care with my son. I would recommend Dr. Kohli-Dang to anyone with any ear, nose + throat problems.

J.B. October 7, 2015


Dr. Kohli-Dang and her staff are fabulous. They have been taking care of my chronic ear infections for years now. The secretaries are prompt and courteous. The nurses and nurse practitioner are knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Kohli-Dang is outstanding! I would recommend her to anyone.

Carissa N. October 7, 2015

Dr. Dang is my favorite doctor

Dr. Neeta Kohli-Dang is a good doctor. She is very pleasant and always nice. Dr. Dang is my favorite doctor. Her staff is also very nice and pleasant.

A.M. October 7, 2015

Very Accurate in Diagnosis

Dr. Dang has always been very professional. She gives me all the time I need and has been very accurate in her diagnosis. Her help has improved my problems and I would recommend her to anyone.

Roberta P. October 7, 2015

Very Satisfied

I have been very satisfied with the great care I have received while under the care of Dr. Dang. She and her staff are very professional and always extremely polite and happy.

L.R. October 7, 2015

Courteous Professional Service

Dr. Kohli-Dang and her entire staff never fail to give prompt and courteous professional service for my medical needs. I highly recommend them to any prospective patient.

Gary L. October 7, 2015

Nice Office

This office has a pleasant atmosphere, it’s comfortable, the staff is nice and accommodating.

John R. October 7, 2015

Thankful I Came to Dr. Dang

I am thankful and grateful that I came to Dr. Dang for a left ear hearing problem. She has been very helpful. She also treated me for sinus infection. I am now doing very well. I am much improved.

John T. October 1, 2015

Professional Staff

Office staff is always pleasant and professional. Dr. Dang always explains what she is doing and what the results should be. For me, she corrected a severely deviated septum and I now breathe better.

R.C. October 1, 2015

Thanks Dr. Neeta Dang

She listens and solves problems when no one else could. She wants to cure the prominent when others just want to treat and push pills. She also has a good related to with her patients. Thanks Dr. Neeta Dang.

Phillip P. October 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Noises

Around Thanksgiving weekend (2014) I awoke with “noises” and very little hearing in my left ear. After a call to Dr. Dang’s office, I was told to come in immediately although I had never seen her previously. Hearing tests were administered showing definite hearing loss. She told me what needed to be done and started treatment. Within a few days my hearing started to return. She enabled me to recover most of my hearing. She is very professional, very concerned about her patients, and very compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone.

Bobbie M. October 1, 2015

Great Doctor

Great doctor.

D. Richardson October 1, 2015

Right Diagnosis at First Visit

After visiting several other doctors and ENTs with no relief, Dr. Dang made the right diagnosis on my first visit which resulted in life changing results. I no longer suffer from year around congestion and sinus pressure.

D.R. September 23, 2015

Dr. Dang Found the Real Problem

After years of sinus problems, hospitalizations, two surgeries, Dr. Kohli-Dang finally found the real problem. I had rocks in the left sinus cavity under the eye. She hammered them out and I can breathe!! She is willing to answer questions. She prescribed the correct medicines to kill the bacterial infections (2) under the rocks in the sinuses after 84 years of sinus misery. I am finally well!!!

Bianca C. September 23, 2015