From One Mother to Another

  • The Screaming Patient

    The Screaming Patient

    “Angela” became my patient when she was only a year old. She suffered many ear infections and required ear tubes. She did very well after surgery and her infections subsided. Like many small children, she was wary of doctors. She announced her arrival into the ...

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  • Jumping Jack

    Jumping Jack

    It was a dull and rainy weekend. I was busy making house rounds and telling my kids to clean up their room – so I could at least see the floor!! As usual I got the same reply – their friends have even messier ...

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  • Sinus Infections in Children

    Sinus Infections in Children

    inus infections are common in children. They are usually manifested by thick discolored drainage, cough, bad breath, headaches, irritability, and sometimes a low-grade fever. Daycare and exposure to tobacco smoke are often common …

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