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Kari and Neeta

  • The Wonderful Cakes


    “John” suffered from recurrent sinus infections for years. We discussed surgery on multiple occasions, and eventually decided to proceed. Surgery confirmed severe disease, and the sinuses were carefully and thoroughly cleaned. After months of regular follow up and more treatment, John joyously announced that he had regained his sense of smell. Imagine our delight when he started bringing absolutely the most delicious homemade cakes to the office. Their quality could have put a seasoned baker to shame.

    Alas, what about our low calorie and cholesterol diet? FAT CHANCE – cakes like these don’t walk into your office every day. John and I have since become good friends and I wish him continued good health.

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  • Puppy Love


    The bedroom door slammed shut! I sighed and walked away. It was yet another argument with my teenage daughter. Don’t get me wrong. She is a wonderful girl and an excellent student. However, she longed for a dog and we had been “discussing” this issue for over a year. I just could not accept the responsibility of caring for another individual, not to mention cleaning up its “mess” in and outside the house. Again, I put it off the “project” for a few more months.

    Then one day I met “Bella”. She came to see me for chronic infections manifested by fungus balls in her sinus cavities. She underwent surgery to clean out the infected sinus cavities and was followed in the office on a regular basis as she improved. During her visits, she would often chat about her dogs and the exceptional bond they shared. I could see the love and pride in her eyes as she talked about them. Sometimes she would even bring me their beautiful pictures. It was because of her that I got much more comfortable with the idea of having a pet, and finally agreed to a puppy much to my daughter’s immense delight! Read more